Tuesday, May 1, 2012

31 Day Challenge- Begin!

Hi everyone! Well I have read my fair share of nail and beauty blogs and I have seen some pretty interesting things come out of some of these challenges. I thought about doing one a while ago, but that didn't quite happen so now I am going to try again and it is perfect timing since today is May 1st! I don't honestly think I will be able to keep to the 31 day timetable, but I think this should be good to give me something specific to work with rather than just picking at random. I also think it will force me to do more interesting things with patterns and such so here goes!

Although I really wanted to keep to this with exact colors called for I just couldn't do it for this first one. I am sorry to admit it, but I just don't like red. I never have really liked it and so I am starting off on a bad foot and cheating a bit, but oh well. So here is my version of red nails! I used two easy peezy coats of Orly's "Rococo-A-Go-Go". I originally picked up this polish because I loved how the color looks like it has so much gold to it in the bottle. Unfortunately the gold gets a bit lost on the nail, but this is still a really amazing polish. The shimmer is really beautiful and if there were any sunlight today (instead of all this rain!) I am sure it would be sparkling like crazy. This is also one of those colors that changes a ton depending on the angle and lighting so here come some pictures!

In this lighting it actually leans more towards the pink side, but this also shows off more of the sparkle.

Here you can see how it is a more plum base with some red shimmer and you can almost get a hint of gold .

I think this is the best shot of the gold edge, but it is still really hard to see and just very subtle. 

Here is a picture of the bottle just so you can see what I mean about the gold in the bottle.

I almost forgot that a while back I used this color on my BFF's nails and we topped it off with a coat of Essie's "As Gold as it Gets" and that really made it look like the bottle color. I love how the gold flakie looks on top of this color it just makes it so much more interesting as it changes even more dramatically with every movement! 

Anyways, here is my first attempt at this challenge and hopefully I won't wimp out when it gets to the trickier stuff. ;-) Enjoy and have a good day!

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