Thursday, May 31, 2012

Challenge Day 24- Inspired by a Book

Well hello everyone. So far today has been one horrible day for me so I hope you all are having a bit better luck. Within an hour of being awake I had tummy troubles, sneezing coughing bad from a head cold and I thought I just stubbed my toe, but actually I scraped off a chunk so I was bleeding and it hurt. All in all me = not a happy camper today. Oh and of course the child I am looking after isn't feeling well today either because of some vaccines she got so she is cranky too. What a wonderful day! Sorry...enough of my bitching. Onto nails! So I am of the generation that really grew up reading and loving the Harry Potter books. I have read each book of the series probably at least 20 times over and I still love them every time I read them. So for this manicure of course I was inspired by my favorite series of all time. I started off with two quick and not clean coats of Finger Paints "Lemon Sour" then I free hand striped some gold using Wet n Wild's "The Gold and the Beautiful" then I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in "Cinna Snap" to add more free handed stripes to the top and bottom of my nails. Then I topped it all off with the iconic HP lightning bolt using Jordana's black nail art brush and then topped that off using an angled eyeliner brush dipped in some more Finger Paints "Lemon Sour". The overall effect is kinda cute, but definitely could have been improved with a bit more precision. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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