Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Challenge Day 6 - Violet

I know I got a little off track so now I am trying to play a little bit of catch up. So for violet I wasn't sure that I had anything that was truly violet so I decided to just go with the brightest purple I have. Enter "Flying Dragon" by China Glaze. I saw this polish many times in the midst of my nail blog readings and I kept falling in love with it every time I saw it. Eventually I took the plunge and bought it and was sadly disappointed when I first tested it out. Truthfully, I am not a fan of the matte finish, I personally just prefer a nice shiny nail to a matte one. So when this dried matte I was surprised, but also a little sad because the amazing blue shimmer doesn't come out nearly as much when it is matte. So when I put a topcoat on I was much happier since that made the shimmer pop and the purple looked so vibrant and amazing I fell in love again. So here I have some pictures for you and I left two nails matte and used topcoat on two so you can see the difference. I also have to apologize in advance since my camera had a hard time accurately capturing the color and the shimmer shows a lot more in real life as well.

This is probably the closest I got to accurately capturing the color of the purple and you can really see how the blue shimmer stands out as well.

The formula on this was is a matte after all so it does dry very quickly, which is nice. It was almost opaque on the first coat, but I did have some thin patches and a few streaks so I opted for a second coat. If you aren't crazy and don't mind it being a bit uneven then you could certainly get away with one coat so that makes this a pretty awesome polish for on the go. I would expect the wear time to be worse without top coat as with all mattes, but I haven't worn it without so I can't be 100% sure. All in all I love this color and it certainly fits with the recent neon trend. So I hope you enjoyed and thanks for bearing with me while I catch up a bit! :-)

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