Friday, May 4, 2012

Challenge Day 4- Green :-)

Good day all! Well I am MUCH happier with today's challenge because it is much more in my comfort zone and I had a lot more options to choose from for this one. Going through my massive pile o' greens yesterday I realized that I have a lot of untrieds! So I decided to take one of my new greens and test that out for ya and add a bit of sparkle with another untried. So here goes! I used OPI's "Thanks a Windmillion" for all my nails and two coats of Color Club's "Beyond the Mistletoe" for an accent nail to give the whole thing a bit of sparkle.  (Sparkle is for you too Leslie!) Anywhoooo...So I ended up doing three coats of Windamillion mostly because I was tired and not being careful at all so I ended up with a couple of patchy spots after my second coat. If I had actually been paying attention and trying to be careful I definitely could have gotten away with two coats. I did, however, have a bit of a problem with the formula for this one. I found that after a little while the polish started to get thick and goopy so that I had to shake it multiple times. Now, I have seen worse formulas and I have certainly seen better so honestly this one falls somewhere in the middle, but I hate having to stop, cap, shake and resume multiple times so it bothered me a bit. Well enough blabbing and onto the pictures!

I really do love this color and the accent nail adds just the right amount of sparkle for it to still be somewhat understated. The muted almost dusty green is great for my skin tone too since it doesn't make my hands look red. Overall, LOVE! This is one is hands down my favorite for this challenge so far. :-) Well until next time ladies! :-)

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