Thursday, May 24, 2012

Challenge Day 18- Half moons

Good morning all! Well I am pretty pleased with how today's look came out. I had been thinking about trying the half moon look for a while so I had the reinforcement things that everyone says works so well and I have to say I agree that they do work pretty well. I started off this look by painting my whole nail with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in "Silver Sweep", which looked really freaking cool actually! I thought it was going to be super streaky and uneven since it is a metallic, but the formula was awesome and I happen to love the inst-dry brush so no real brush marks!

Anyways, so I let the silver get completely and totally dry and then I placed the reinforcements at the base of my nails so they would create the half moon shape. Once they were in place I painted the top portion above the reinforcement with two coats of "Metallic 4 Life" by OPI. As soon as I had two coats done I immediately removed the stickers so the polish didn't get too tacky and start causing problems. On a couple of nails I actually didn't get the stickers off quickly enough and the top color started sticking to the paper of the sticker more than the nail so the sticker took more polish with it than it should have. (I hope that makes even a little bit of sense) So after that I just added some top coat and cleaned it up! It really wasn't hard at all except next time I will be much more careful with the placement of the reinforcements because I ended up with some very uneven half moons. Each of my nails has a different size moon because I was so worried about sticking them down properly I didn't pay all that much attention to consistency across the nails. Okay well after all that here are the pictures of the final product! Hope you enjoy!

Okie dokie folks! Well enjoy and see ya next time!

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