Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to the Challenge - Blue

Hi everyone! Ok so now that I have parted ways with my lovely "Victoriana" I am back on the challenge road! So I have two different blue nails for you today actually since I started with Essie's "Coat Azure" and planned on an accent nail of China Glaze "Dorothy Who", but I loved Dorothy so much I just decided to go with it. So without further ado...Picture Time!

Here is a picture of just "Coat Azure". This is two coats and I might have gone with a third on a couple of nails since I had a few thin spots. The formula was actually pretty good on this one since it wasn't super thin it was easy to get it almost completely opaque in two coats. If I had been a bit more careful with the second coat it would have been perfect. This blue is also really pretty since it has an unexpected amount of shimmer and I do love me some blue/greys. :-)

So here we have "Dorothy Who" on top of "Coat Azure". This is two coats of Dorothy, which is an almost jelly blue base packed with silver glittery shimmery goodness! I love this color! I think this might have to be my next pedi color. :-)

Anyways, I thought this was going to be too much for all my fingers at once, but it ended up not being too overpowering at all so overall a gorgeous fun blue! :-)

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