Thursday, May 3, 2012

Challenge Day 3- Yellow

Hello again everyone! I have to give myself a bit of a pat on the back so far for keeping up with this whole challenge thing so...*pat pat*. Done. OK now onto the polish of the day! As I sorta mentioned in my last post...I don't like yellow nail polish. In fact I am not really a fan of yellow anything. I actually realized recently that I didn't own a single piece of yellow clothing so I went out and found a yellow tank top so I can say I have something in yellow. Back to nail polish though. I have always had an aversion to yellow nail polish because I think it can look like you just have yucky yellow nails and sometimes makes your skin tone look terrible as well.  I didn't even own any yellow polish until recently. When Finger Paints released their gumdrops and lollipops collection I noticed they had a more passable yellow so I decided to take the plunge. "Lemon Sour" is a paler creamy yellow that doesn't scream highlighter, which is great for me.

The picture below was taken outside on, yet another, cloudy overcast day so the color looks a bit paler in natural lighting.

As far as application and formula goes this polish was a NIGHTMARE! Maybe if I wasn't a crazy perfectionist it wouldn't have been too bad, but I am. So the first coat went on streaky, which is fine and to be expected. Second coat definitely evened things out a lot, but there were still tons of thin patches and it still looked a bit streaky. The formula was VERY thick and goopy so it was almost impossible to do nice thin even coats and I ended up needing to cap and shake the bottle between each nail to get it to stop being so stringy. I think I ended up with 5 coats just to even things out and fill in all the thin patches. All in all this isn't a favorite, but I feel like it would be great as a base for some pretty pastel designs. Well I am very much looking forward to tomorrow's manicure since tomorrow is green, which is more in my comfort zone and I have a new polish that I have been waiting to test out. :-) Have a great day everyone (even if this weather stinks!) and I'll be back tomorrow! :-)

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