Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Playful" Pedicure

Well I know that some people might not be huge fans of feet so if that is the case...sorry! I just couldn't resist posting some pictures of this one though because it is too awesome not to share! You might have guessed by now that I love glitter and anything sparkly. Well when it comes to my pedicures my philosophy is the shinier and more glitterous the better! I also tend to stick with purples, pinks and blues on my toes since I can't really do green without thinking fungus and I won't do pale shades because then what's the point? So when I found Essie's "Play Date" I knew it was MEANT for my little toes! So I started with two coats of "Play Date" after I cleaned up my cuticles and trimmed and shaped my nails up. (I tried to keep the pictures to mostly nails only)

In general I think this color is going to be one of my summer time staples because it is too pretty for words! I love it with my skin tone and it applied really nice and evenly with just two coats. Although, I loved this color and maybe one day if I get tired of glitter (gasp!) I would totally choose this color to do on it's own, it just wasn't enough of course. :-) So I went ahead and topped it off with two coats of "One Less Lonely Glitter" by Nicole by OPI. Despite the fact that this came from the Justin Bieber collection I do in fact love it since it is a pretty purple glitter with both small and medium glitter pieces and I really LOVE the end result of these two polishes combined!!! :-D So much sparkle and such a pretty purple! :-D

Sorry if feet gross you out. I tried to pretty mine up as much as possible for ya and keep it to just nails really, but if it still was too much for you then oh well...sorry again. Next time will be fingers I promise. ;-)