Sunday, May 13, 2012

Challenge Day 8- Metallic

Hi again! Well for this one I thought I would use a metallic that literally has metal in it! A while back I bought a bunch of magnetic polishes from Icing so I decided to use the pewter-ish one. I had read about how to apply them properly to get the best results with the magnet and I was super careful to apply a nice even, but thin coat and hold the magnet still and I did it for longer than suggested as well. Even with all of this I still had a lot of trouble getting the pattern to really show up on the nail. You can judge for yourself, but I think that it was a little disappointing and I think I need a lot more practice with my technique.

The formula on this wasn't actually that bad and honestly I really liked how it came out even before I used the magnet so I think this is still a keeper, but I am not sure the magnetic effect is really for me. Oh and the marks by all of my fingers are from the finger rest on the caps so you can avoid touching your nail to the magnet.

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