Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Challenge Day 16- Tribal Print

SORRY EVERYONE!! I know I said I would post yesterday (Monday), but I had nothing to post! So I have a confession to make...I hate tribal print manicures. They are just very much the opposite of my style since I like nice uniformity and consistency and well not tribal type patterns. So I kind of procrastinated with this one and honestly only did one hand and as soon as a photo was taken I removed it. I honestly, didn't even take the time to clean it up and take a proper photo...I just wanted it off my nails. So for all of you who are huge fans or even just moderate fans of the tribal print more power to ya! This one is just not for me that's all. So anywhoooo! I started with a color I hadn't used before from Sephora "Myrtille" and it was a royal pain to work with! I have the mini bottle (not sure if it comes in a full sized one) and that was very awkward to hold, the brush was very large and fluffy, which was okay except the formula was like glue! I don't actually have polish thinner so I just added a bit of remover (bad I know, but I had to make do with what I had) and that did help a little, but it was still a really thick and difficult polish to work with. After I had the base color on I sorta just winged it. I used my light blue nail art polish from Color Club, my silver glitter nail art polish from Kiss, and a black nail art polish from Jordana. So without any further ado...here is the one and only picture. Sorry if it stinks, but I truly did not enjoy this one folks. :-/

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