Monday, May 14, 2012

Challenge Day 9- Rainbow

ARGH! Sorry everyone...I had a whole nice long post here about my adventures in creating a rainbow mani, but it got erased! ARGH!!!!!!!! Well here goes take 2 then....

So I started off thinking I was going to stripe all of my nails to make them all look like little rainbows. I did actually get my thumb nail done, but it took forever! So that plan got axed quickly. Next I thought I could sponge some rainbows on and that was a miserable failure. Finally I thought I would do polka dots in all the colors of the rainbow and I did like the end result although I do wish I had done it on a light blue base instead of white because then the yellow would have shown up a lot better. So here are some pictures of my rainbow mani! (Sorry the original post had a bit more detail, but now I don't really remember what I had lol)

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