Monday, May 7, 2012

Sorry for being MIA - blame Victoriana!

Hi everyone. Sorry for being MIA for the past  few days. I know that I missed a couple days with the challenge and I promise I will get to all of them, but I still can't bear to take off the color I am currently wearing. I actually used my green challenge day manicure as a base for this since I figured it was in the same color family. So I started off with OPI's "Thanks a Windmillion" then I did remove my sparkle accent nail and just put two coats of Windmillion on instead. After that I took my precious, beloved and amazing Butter London "Victoriana". I had been eyeing this across various blogs whenever I saw it swatched I started to drool and finally it is mine! Thanks to my wonderful sister who has easy access to Ulta while unfortunately I don't have such easy access. (or fortunately for my wallet) So she was awesome and picked this one up for me so I used one coat of "Victoriana" on top of Windamillion and the end result is just the amazing "Victoriana" shining and looking amazing as always. I don't think that using Windamillion as a base changed the color at all, but it did allow me to preserve my beloved since I only needed one coat for full opacity. So without further ado onto the pictures! :-D

Amazing! I am too totally in love with it to take it off yet...I just can't do it! I do have my next few manis all lined up, but I think I just need one more day with this before I can part ways with it. After all of the time spent drooling over it I couldn't leave it for just a day. So I think that tonight I will be able to do the dirty deed, but only if I don't end up staying out too late seeing the Avengers. (Finally!) :-) So I will stick with the challenge, but like I said at the beginning I don't think that the timeline is exactly for me. I can't stand to remove prettiness too quickly. Sorry.

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