Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Challenge Day 17- Glitter

Hello everyone! Now this is a challenge I can get behind! I have to say I feel like I should have come up with something better for this one since I love my glitter so much, but I kind of got overwhelmed and just decided to go with a simpler approach. Now this is a glitter I fell in love with the moment I laid eyes on it and yet I still hadn't used it! So here it is for your viewing pleasure...drumroll please...Nicole by OPI "Follow me on Glitter"! I love this polish! The formula was amazing totally opaque in two coats and honestly it was opaque in one, but just not dark enough to get the full effect of those tiny colored hexs floating around in that fabulous gunmetal glitter base. I love it! So here goes the pictures!

This one has that wide brush, which is really okay for me when it is such a great formula polish so I had no problems at all getting this on nice and evenly. Overall, this is a really quick and easy, but special glitter polish that I have a sneaking suspicion will be landing on my toes soon as well! :-) SO! I hope you enjoyed it too and until next time! :-D

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