Friday, June 29, 2012

Peachy + Pirouette my Whistle

Hello everyone! So today I bring you a manicure that I am a bit iffy on. Now don't get me wrong I love love love the end result, but I have some mixed feelings overall. I started off wanting a very simple and summery manicure so I chose an untried of mine, Revlon's "Peachy", which I have always liked, but never been too keen on actually wearing. After one coat it was VERY streaky, but I thought no problem a second coat will even it out. Well a second coat helped and those less obsessive might have been fine with it, but for me it was way too patchy. Unfortunately, I tried to fix it with a third coat and that was a disaster since the formula got thick and goopy and ended up making it all worse. If I had let it dry completely between coats maybe that could have been avoided, but I did wait about 5 minutes between coats and that is about the limit of my patience. I did absolutely LOVE this color though so I didn't want to totally start over so to cover up the imperfections and add a bit of sparkle I added a layer of OPI's "Pirouette my Whistle". I love the combination, but I am a bit sad that the one time I wanted to keep it simple with just a single color I really just couldn't do it. So without further b*tching here are the pictures so you can judge for yourself. :-)

As you can see there was some serious bubbling and in person it was very oddly thick in some spots and thinner in others so it looked a bit wonky.

Like I said at the beginning, I really do LOVE this look, but I just was a bit upset with how bad the formula was on "Peachy" since I really loved that color on its own. Oh well though I guess all that matters is that I did find a pretty combination in the end. :-) Until next time then! :-)

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