Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dutch Ya Just Love OPI + Shine of the Times = LOVE!!!!!!

Hi everyone! I am back after a short break for my nails sake. So today I bring you a color I had debated about buying, but in the end couldn't resist (as usual). So OPI's "Dutch Ya Just Love OPI" (Dutch for the rest of this post) is a really nice purple with a pretty bronzy shimmer that was one of the stars of OPI's Holland collection. I thought I wouldn't need this color since it isn't something I could see myself using all the time, but after seeing it swatched over and over again I broke down and got it. I finally decided to test it out last night and I really liked the color, but I wanted to kick it up one more notch so I added one coat of Essie's "Shine of the Times". So here are some pictures of just Dutch on its own to start.

I thought the formula was a bit on the thin side so if I had been planning on wearing this on its own I would have gone for a third coat to punch up the opacity and even things out a smidge more.

I love how this looks! You can see some green and gold and bronze flashes with this topcoat that just makes it look so cool! Anyways, I think that this combo is just perfectly awesome and I hope you all enjoy it too! :-)

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