Monday, June 4, 2012

Challenge Day 26- Inspired by a Pattern

Hi everyone! So I am going to post a few different times today in order to catch up a bit on this challenge. I am hoping to finish it up by Wednesday and then I am planning on slowing down a bit to give my cuticles a bit of the break they deserve. So here we go! I recently bought a super cute dress at Marshalls and although the pattern of it is simple I really love it so that is where my inspiration came from for this manicure. I have to apologize in advance though because I couldn't get any good pictures of this manicure when I first did it and by the time I could get a decent picture I had pretty much destroyed it. So I only have one fairly lousy picture of it for you today, but I will swatch it on a nail wheel soon and add that for you all to see it better. It really is a lovely and subtle combination that I got lots of compliments on. So to start here is a picture of the dress that inspired me.

Here is a picture of the dress on me...please excuse the bra strap showing.

So I started off with two coats of "Nite Owl" by Orly, which has become my favorite neutral polish ever since it doesn't make my skin tone look weird and the formula is fantastic. Then I topped this off with one thicker coat of Sally Hansen's new Jewel Overcoat in "White Veil". I love love love love "White Veil" I think it is very pretty when used over the right base color and gives a very unique look to your nails with the satin white glitters and the chunky gold hexs. So overall I loved this combination and I am sure if I had let it dry properly before going out it would have lasted a lot longer, but I did this super super super quickly and then didn't let it dry enough before showering and washing my hair so it kinda got destroyed instantly. So here is the only picture of it. I promise I will add a nail wheel swatch soon!


  1. I really like the dress! Its a fabulous shape! Also you've matched your nails well xo

  2. Thanks so much! I really loved the dress especially at $25! :)