Monday, June 4, 2012

Challenge Day 27- Inspired by Artwork

Hi again everyone! So I have always been a HUGE fan of Vincent Van Gogh's works. When I was a teenager my parents even took me on a trip to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and I think it was probably the most amazing experience of my life! So of course I chose his works in general and I suppose more "Starry Night" in particular for my inspiration. I tried to mimic his signature swirl on one nail since I didn't have the patience to do them all like that. I started off with two coats of "Neptune" by Sinful Colors, which I am utterly in love with now! I love this color so much! It is an amazing blue with the most beautiful shimmer to it. The formula was pretty good since I got good coverage with two thicker coats. For the accent nail I started using my trusty Art Club in light blue to make a swirl then I used a small paint brush and a bunch of other nail polishes to layer on top and outward to get that Van Gogh feel. So here we go with the pictures!

As you can see the Van Gogh style is a bit harder to achieve with nail polish than with actual paint, but I was pretty happy with the overall look. I think that "Neptune" is the perfect color for this manicure because on its own it reminds me of "Starry Night". Hope you enjoyed!

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