Monday, April 23, 2012

Ring a Ding Fozzie

Hello to everyone on this dreary Monday morning here in NY. :-( What happened to the beautiful Spring weather we were having? Well now its cold and rainy out so since it feels more like Autumn than Spring here is a more Autumn ish manicure. I have been dying to try OPI's "Warm and Fozzie" from their infamous Muppets collection so I decided to go for it yesterday when I was all curled up inside because it was so nasty outside. I actually didn't take any pictures of just Fozzie, but there are a million other places you can find pictures of it. I did 3 coats just to cover up the couple of bald spots here and there. I then decided I needed some sparkle to give it a bit more life and I recently found Sally Hansen's new Jewel Coat "Ring a Ding" so I thought that would pair very nicely with the bronzey color of Fozzie. So without further ado...picture time!

I did two coats of "Ring a Ding" just to get more even coverage with the glitter. I really like this one because it is in a clear base so it won't alter the color of whatever you are topping. I really loved how this makes my nails look super shiny and coppery. I topped it with a generous amount of my favorite Orly top coat "Sec n Dry" and it is pretty smooth except for the occasional piece of glitter here or there. Overall this is definitely something I will be repeating when it is actually the Fall and I hope this might help brighten your day if the weather is even remotely as blah as it is here. :-)

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