Friday, April 20, 2012

A "Whimsical" Spring Manicure

Hi there everyone! Well today I actually have an older mani that I forgot to post. I had this wonderfully light and springy combo on over Easter/Passover weekend. So for this one I used two coats of "Vintage Blue" from Avon, which I bought last year when it was on sale for about $1 and I love it! It is a great solid cream that is a very pale almost white blue. It is super solid and if I had been more careful I definitely could have gotten away with one coat, but since I was actually doing this at about midnight careful kinda wasn't an option. Oh and for some reason the only problem I have had with all of the Avon polishes I own is that the black caps have all cracked and come off, but since the brush still works and the bottle still closes it doesn't really faze me.

On top of that I did about 2 ish coats of Revlon's "Whimsical". I love this polish, but I definitely had to go "fishing" for glitter hence the 2 ish coats. I also chose to layer this over a solid color just because I am not a huge fan of VNL and I don't have the patience to do about 18 million layers to get this color opaque enough. :-P I totally loved the end result though since it was super cute and springy and not all that difficult in the end. :-) 

I think that I might just have to repeat this combo again when the weather gets back to being super nice since it just feels so summer/springy! I love it! :-) Just looking at the pictures seems to put me in a better mood. Hope you all enjoy it too! :-D

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