Monday, April 16, 2012

OPI I Think I have a Herring Problem

OMG! I am in love. Period. End of story. I am utterly head over heels in loooooooove with this nail polish! It is sooooooo pretty!!! I had heard a million and a half things about the whole OPI Holland Collection and at first I thought I wanted every single one of them. They all looked so springy and pretty, but after really looking at them I realized they weren't all that amazing and I wasn't really too totally in love with any of them so I thought I would pass. Then I kept seeing "I Have a Herring Problem" swatched all over various nail blogs and every time I saw it I thought about it more and more and so I finally caved and bought it. Then I had a bit of buyers remorse and left it sitting on my shelf for a while. Suddenly last night I decided it was time to finally test this sucker out and wow! It is so pretty! I love that slightly dusty blue color and the shimmer really pops so wonderfully! I did have to do three coats, but if you were super careful and didn't mind the slightest hint of a bald patch here and there you could totally get away with two coats.

There was only one small problem I had with this polish. The brush was a smidge too wide for my pinky nail so I ended up making a total mess of my finger in the process. Other than that the formula really was pretty good. The first coat was very sheer and streaky, but since I had no delusions that this would be a one coater that was no problem. The second coat definitely evened things out almost completely except I did have a few barely visible thinner patches. The third coat evened everything out completely and topped with a coat of my wonderful Orly top coat I was done! I typically gravitate towards teals and blues everywhere so this color is right up my alley. :-) Hope you enjoyed the pics and Happy Monday!

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