Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pink Strobe Light Sparkle Wednesday!

Hi everyone! Well happy Pink Wednesday! Before I get into what I currently have on my nails I have to talk really quick about how I removed my previous manicure. (seen here) I know that I love glitter nail polish, but I also know that sometimes it almost isn't worth the beauty for the pain that is the removal. Well let me tell you about what I did last night because it was a breeze! I have read all different methods of how to easily remove glitter polish and honestly I am sure someone else has done this, but I just figured I would put it out there again. I have read a lot about the foil method, which always sounded like a royal pain to me, but if it works then it is less of a pain than just trying to scrub. I also read somewhere about using felt instead of cotton balls and that seemed like an easy idea so I went to the craft store and bought some felt for about 19 cents. I usually use straight acetone when trying to remove glitter anyways so what I did was combine all these methods together and voila! So I cut small strips of felt, dipped them in a bit of acetone, placed them on my nails and wrapped my finger tips with strips of the cheapest aluminum foil I could find. By the time I had wrapped all my fingers I went back to the first one and pulled the aluminum off (I saved mine to use on the next hand) and almost all the glitter was gone already! All I had to do was wiggle the felt around for a couple seconds to get the last bit of glitter off my nails. It was really super easy and since I just used small pieces of felt that were basically the size of my nails I didn't destroy my skin with the acetone. The only downside is that I was slightly covered in loose sparkles afterwards, but I don't know that there is really any way to avoid that.

So now, onto the manicure! To start off I did two coats of Avon Speed Dry in "Fusion". I really like this color because it has some sparkle of its own built in. Even though this is an older shade it is one of those nude/pink shades that are very popular right now so it just goes to show that certain things never really go out of style. :-) The formula was pretty good on this and even though it is a slightly frosty shade the brush strokes don't really show up. It starts off fairly sheer, but easily builds up to full opacity with either two slightly thicker coats or three really thin coats.

Of course though this didn't have quite enough sparkle for me so I had to go ahead and top it off with some more. :-) I am totally in love with Sally Hansen's "Strobe Light" so I thought that these would be a perfect pair and I have to say I think I was right! :-)

The sparkles in "Strobe Light" really catch the light beautifully and look like rainbows! This is an even more impressive polish because when you aren't in strong direct light it actually is very subtle and barely even shows except for a glimmer here and there. I really love this combination and I think it is great for Summer/ if only the weather would actually act like it is Spring! Well I hope you all enjoyed and check back soon for more! :-)

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