Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Essie + Toms Barefoot in Blue

Hi everyone! I have to say I am going to be really really sad to take off this manicure because it is really amazing. A while back Essie and Toms Shoes did a promotion on Facebook where if you "liked" both companies then they would send you a special edition Essie polish called "Barefoot in Blue". Well the other day I received a package from Toms Shoes and inside was this amazingly gorgeous Essie color that to me looks like a dusty periwinkle. I did three coats of it to get it to be fully opaque and even. I also wanted to add a bit of sparkle of course so I did one coat of Essie's "Set in Stones" (one of my favorite sparkles!) and one coat of Revlon's "Stunning", which just added a bit more dimension to the sparkle. You can see some hints of multicolor sparkle in some of the pictures below. The formula on this polish was good, but as with many Essie colors it started off streaky and sheer, but it built up very easily. I personally love blues and this color is so light and springy to me that I am totally in love with it! I have gotten tons of compliments on it too since it is sort of a unique color and my little sparkle accent doesn't cover it up too much. 

On a side note, I am now completely in love with Sally Hansen's "Instant Cuticle Remover". It is a bright blue gel that you squeeze on your cuticles, leave it there for about 15 seconds (about as long as it takes you to do a second hand) then you rub it around a bit and scrape away your cuticles easy peezy and just rinse it all away! I decided to give myself a real manicure and go ahead and trim and shape my nails and take care of my cuticles too and the end result I think was fabulous. I can't wait to see how the cuticle remover does on my toes since they are in desperate need of some help. Anyways, I will be back tomorrow with another Pink Wednesday! :-)

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