Thursday, March 1, 2012

Purple feather mani

Happy Thursday everyone! Well a couple nights ago I went to Michael's craft store. This is one of the many stores that I hardly ever allow myself to enter because they are just too dangerous for my wallet. I went with a specific shopping list in mind so it wouldn't turn out too badly for my wallet and I was actually fairly successful! So I was able to find a bag of bright colored feathers, which is something I have been looking for recently.

I have seen tons of pictures online of manicures with feathers on an accent nail or even full manicures covered in feathers and I love them! I think they are unique and beautiful so I have been dying to test it out myself. So last night I decided to go for it. So I started with two coats of Sinful Colors "Amethyst", which is a very pretty deep purple. Then I decided to go with a purple feather on my middle finger as an accent nail. So all I did was paint a coat of Amethyst and immediately after I placed the feather on the nail while the polish was still wet. I then just lightly pushed the feather down with my finger and waited for it to dry. After it was dry I trimmed whatever excess was hanging over my nail and used two layers of topcoat. It was actually really simple to do so here is the picture.

As you can see the end result is actually really subtle here because the feather blends into the background color almost too perfectly. I definitely think that this is something I will be doing again although next time I think I will be choosing different colors. Until next time then have a great day!

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