Monday, March 26, 2012

Matte + French + Polka Dots = :-)

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been a bit since my last post. I had a super busy week last week so I asked off for Saturday so I could spend the weekend visiting with my sister. It was so great that I got to go visit her and have a mini vacation I had an awesome time relaxing and playing with  polishes! I have really been wanting to test out the new NYC colors matte top coat that I recently found at my local Target so that's where this mani came from. :-) I started with "OPI Ink" by OPI, which is a deep purple with a subtle pink shimmer to it and then topped it with the matte top coat.

It looked pretty neat as a matte color since it made the shimmer more noticeable, but I refuse to wear a matte nail polish as is because they wear so poorly. Whenever I have worn matte colors in the past they are chipped beyond belief within 24 hours. So I went ahead and did tips with clear just so it would protect them from chipping a bit.

After adding the glossy tips I really did like the look, but it just wasn't quite dramatic enough for me so I decided to add some polka dots just to make it a bit more fun and textured. 

The end result was a really cute, fun and funky pseudo french. I really love that I can now play around with textures even more just by using this really easy and cheap matte top coat! :-) Well I hope you all enjoy and tune in for Pink Wednesday this week! :-)

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