Monday, March 5, 2012

Twisted + Club Prive

Good day everyone! Well I had a fantastic nail polish fun filled weekend! My sister came down for the weekend and she brought her own stash with her so we did some swapping and some swatching! So here are some pictures of the manicure I ended up doing using some of her nail polish. I used Loreal "Club Prive" and then added a layer of Finger Paints "Twisted" on top just to give it a little extra something special. So here are the pictures!

Club Prive is a dusty teal sort of color that I love. It is a more adult and toned down version of most of the teals or mint greens I have seen. The formula was a little on the thin side, but not entirely unmanageable, I did three coats for full opacity. Although Loreal claims this polish is a long wear polish that gives you up to 10 days wear you can already see some slight tip wear and I only did this manicure yesterday. I used my normal  Orly base coat, but I actually tried Seche Vite's top coat for the first time so I am not sure if it is the nail color or the top coat that has caused the premature wearing. Overall I love this color combination, I was not too impressed with Loreal's formula and I am slightly disappointed by the wear time as well, but again I am not sure where the blame lays for that. Anyways, check back on Wednesday for my first ever Pink Wednesday post and have a great day everyone!

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