Sunday, February 26, 2012

Organizing and a new mani!

Hi there! So the past couple days I have been trying to get my stash a bit more in order so I was busy splitting my polishes up into different bins by color. I ended up with three bins. One bin for pinks, reds, purples and my one orange. A second bin for blues and greens and a third bin for my black, white, silver, gray and miscellaneous sparkles. I then decided to steal my older sister's idea and use white label dot stickers on the caps of my polishes to more easily identify them when looking into the bin. That ended up being a project and a half! I didn't finish labeling them all, but I did get a picture of the one bin I did complete. So here is a picture of my stash and one of my labeled bin! :)

Okay so now onto pictures of my current manicure! So Wet n Wild has recently launched their new look for their Megalast nail colors and I know a lot of nail bloggers have been going crazy over one shade in particular..."I Need a Refresh-Mint" and I am no exception! It is a great blueish mint green color that as others have pointed out is a great dupe for China Glaze's "For Audrey". (see Nouveau Cheap's review and comparison swatches here) Anyways, I of course fell in love with this color when I saw it in the store and I fell even more in love with it this evening when I used it for the first time. I found that the formula was really great if a little bit on the thicker side. It went on smoothly and if I had really wanted I could have gotten away with one coat since the opacity was amazing! I thought that their "Pro Brush" was going to be too wide for my nails, but honestly it was perfect and I really enjoyed it.

So of course this color is awesome, gorgeous, amazing and yet...I wasn't quite happy with it. I am of the opinion that a person can never have too much sparkle on their nails so I had to add a little sparkle! :-) I thought this was a great time to use "Nostalgic" by L.A. Girl's Glitter Addict line that I randomly found at a Rite Aid near me a while back. As you can see in the picture below it is clear base with teal chunky glitter and some smaller fine glitter suspended within it. I had to do two coats and do a little bit of dabbing to get the chunky glitter to cover the nail more evenly. The base was quite thick and I am sure if I tried to just let this dry on its own it would have taken forever, but with my favorite top coat Orly's "Sec N' Dry" it was pretty quick.

After adding a bit of glitz to this already awesome color I think this is an amazing manicure and I love it! I hope you like it too! :-)

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