Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 15- Ocean

Hi everyone! Well today I have a very very very cool manicure to share with you all! I LOVE this one! I am really proud of how it turned out since I have had mixed results with water marbling. For this challenge I thought that water marbling would be the perfect technique to use. So I started off with three coats of Chameleon's "Blue Frost", which I have to say was awful! I found the formula to be thick and streaky and it seemed like every brush stroke just wiped away whatever had been put down. Also "Blue Frost" ended up with bubbles and a very uneven texture. I then used Borghese's "Mezzanotte Blue, Avon's "Vintage Blue", Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Blue Me Away", and Essence Holografics "Blue Ray" (this one is not a holo really, but more a duochrome). There are a million tutorials and tips and things out there on the web for how exactly to do water marbling so I won't go into that and I will just get to the pictures!

Please excuse the messy-ness all over my skin, but I was very excited to take the pictures that I didn't wait until I had finished all the clean up. I actually didn't have a ton of clean up to do though because I coated my fingers (except my actual nails) with Vaseline so the excess polish just slid off. Anyways, I LOVE how this turned out actually and I love the variety in the patterns and how fluid it looks. (cheesy, I know and I am sorry, but it's true!) So I hope you enjoy this one too!!! :-)


  1. Oh WOW it's breathtaking marbling, I love your color combination :D Stunning!!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love it. You should be proud, it looks amazing.

  3. No wonder you love it, it's awesome !!! I wanted to do a water marble on the whole nail too, but I'm not good at it :)) So I really admire you for doing this!