Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 12- Favorite Beach Memory

Hi everyone! Well today I have a really adorable (in my opinion) little manicure for you all. So for my favorite beach memory I thought about how when I was a kid, I would go visit my great aunt at her house just about every weekend, especially in the summer. Her house is right on the beach and as a kid I would be down there all the time and I remember the best days were when you could see all the kites being flown all up and down the beach. It looked really cool and I just loved seeing them all lined up so kites are what inspired me today. So on my thumb I used some scotch tape to create the classic diamond kite shape and then I free-handed some stripes and the black outline. To start though the background color is Essence "Gleam in Blue", which is suuuuch a pretty blue! I looove this color so much, so I owe my sister another shout out for finding and buying this one for me. Thanks!!!! :-) So back to the kite. I used two more Essence colors for the stripes. The purple is Essence "Break Through", the pink is Essence "Ultimate Pink" and the blue is Ulta's "Blue Streak". I used my Jordana striping black for the outline and then I used Wet n Wild's "French Creme White" for the clouds. I used my dotting tool to add the clouds around the kite as well as on my other four fingers. Overall I love this look so much! So here come the pictures!

So I hope you all enjoyed this look! :-)

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  1. Aww cute mani!
    Your color combination and design is so lovely <3