Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 14- Swimsuit

Hi everyone! So for today's challenge I am going to use my favorite bathing suit as my inspiration. Here is a picture of that just for reference:

So I started off with about 3 yucky coats of Wet n Wild's "French White Creme", which I say was yucky because I honestly hate painting my full nails in white because they come out way too streaky for my taste. So then I used my Jordana black striping brush to add the zebra stripes and there you have it and here come the pictures!

So I think I am totally in love with the zebra stripe nails because they are so cute and actually pretty easy, also they can be any color combo you want! So I am thinking this might have to happen more often. :-)


  1. Oh wow it's really WILD.
    Cool, love it! XD

  2. It looks awesome ! exactly like your bathing suit :)