Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Water Marbling

So water marbling is something that I have been really interested in trying for a while, but I always thought it seemed a bit involved and never had time to try it. This past weekend it snowed so I had the chance to try it. I am glad I never tried it when I didn't have a ton of time because it is really involved. First, it was a little too cold where I was working so every time I tried to drop the polish onto the surface of the water it would immediately harden before I had a chance to add more color or dip my fingers in. So after a couple of attempts I did actually get the hang of it a bit. I won't post any instructions here because there are a million and a half instructional videos and whatever already on the internet. I will reiterate that the water temp matters! I had to use fairly warm water because the air temp was so cold so it really does matter and I suppose it will vary depending on where you are working. Anyways, I decided to use a base coat of Orly's "Wandering Vine", which is one of my favorite green polishes with drops of Sally Hansen "Green with Envy", Borghese "Mezzanotte Blue", and New York Color "Big Money Frost". Bottom line is that it was not an easy technique and it was very messy since my fingers were coated in nail polish all the way up past my first knuckles, but it is super cool to look at in the end. So drum roll please....here is the pic!

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