Monday, August 20, 2012


Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence, but I was away in Las Vegas for a week on a vacation, which was awesome, then I was busy hanging out with my sister and then it was my birthday! So now I am back after all sorts of excitement! I decided before I went away I wanted to get a Shellac manicure so that I wouldn't have to worry about my nails while away on vacation so that actually lasted longer than the week in Vegas. I finally took it off while at my sister's place and then redid my nails for my big birthday night out so that's what I have to show you today. I wanted something super sparkly for my birthday since I looooooove some sparkles! I also had a lot of trouble deciding between a few color combos so I decided to go with the cocktail nails trend and do two nails on each hand a different color. So I started off by painting one coat of Sally Hansen's "Silver Sweep" on my thumb, ring and pinky fingers. Then for my other two nails I did three coats of Nicole by OPI's "It's Not Me It's Blue". Then I did one coat of Essie's "Set in Stones" over all of the nails. The end result is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looooove it! So without further ado here are the pictures! :-)

I have been falling more and more in love with "Silver Sweep" recently since the metallic thing was pretty big for a minute and with all of the so called metallic polishes this is the only one I think actually looks good. I guess it could be that the wider brush allows for one swipe to cover the nail and avoids the visible brush strokes or that the slightly thicker formula covers nail ridges better or both, but for some reason I LOVE this nail polish. The Nicole one I also love because to me it changes color based on where it is and what angle you look at it from and in this look I love the contrast between it and the silver glitter from "Set in Stones". I seriously think this look is awesome and it is really sparkly even in the dimmer lighting of bars and restaurants where I was hanging out for my birthday. Overall I love this look I think it is sparkly and sophisticated and very trendy too. So I hope you all enjoyed it and now that most of the craziness is over until I actually start school I will be back to posting although I don't think my nails could take it if I tried to post every single day! :-)

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